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Do you know your Fitz?

What's The Fitz?

The Fitzpatrick scale was created as a simple scientific way to help classify how your skin is likely to react to the sun. The scale uses physical features to determine this ( for example your skin tone, eyes, and hair color). 
You can use this scale yourself to determine how you should prepare your skin for sun exposure. This is also a great way for spray or self tanners to know how much solution to use on their skin for the most natural look.
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Fitzpatrick skin type 1
Extremely light skinned.
Light blue/green or gray eyes.
Red or light blond hair.
Skin freckles, burns and peels in the sun, without tanning.
Fitzpatrick skin type 2
Fair skinned.
Blue/ gray  or green eyes.
Blonde hair
Skin usually freckles in the sun, usually burns and peels rarely tans.
Fitzpatrick skin type 3
Fair- beige skin tone 
Hazel eyes or light brown eyes.
Hair tends to be dark blonde or light brown
Skin can freckle or burn occasionally can tan.
Fitzpatrick skin type 4
Olive or light brown skin
Dark brown eyes and hair
Skin usually tans in the sun without freckling or burning.
Fitzpatrick skin type 5
Dark brown skin
Black/ dark brown eyes and hair
Skin always tans in the sun with minimal burning or freckling.
Fitzpatrick skin type 6
Dark skinned
Dark eyes and hair 
Skin never burns or freckles and always tans darkly.
If you are a mixture of two categories that is normal too.
No matter what type you fall into remember sun protection is the most important everyday. 
If you are a spray tan specialist or self tanner using this scale, remember DHA is the colorless, coloring agent in your solution that tans the first layer of your skin to mimic your natural tan.
Your first layer of skin can only absorb a certain amount of DHA. So (example if you or a client are a skin type 1-3 you might want to only use 6% -10% dha soultion. You can use the 10% solution to mix with the 6% to get percentages 7-9.
If you or a client is a skin type 4-5 you should stick with 6% to 8% this adds just enough color to boost the natural radiance and give a evened out skin tone in these skin types.

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