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How To Keep Your Skin Care Fresh And Clean!

How To Keep Your Skin Care Fresh And Clean



Since the whole world is talking about hygiene, we thought why not take it one step further and talk about how clean you are being with your skin care!

Yes that is a thing, so here are some tips to keep your products sanitary which is not only good for your over all health, your skins health but also helps with the longevity of your products. Let's get into the tips.

1) Before your start wash your hands! This has always been a rule, but we emphasize it even more so. Clean hands less worry.

2) Stay away from the light! Keep products stowed away from light and temperature changes. When products are exposed to light you risk degrading the efficacy of their ingredients, making your products less potent.

Temperature changes can cause moisture to accumulate in your product which is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria to grow. Yuck!!

3) Don't touch that!! Hands off! For products in jars or pots such as ex: eye cream, facial creams ,masks you risk introducing dirt and bacteria into them every time you put your fingers in there.

Use a spatula or wooden Popsicle stick to get product out. Don't double dip!

4) Tweezers are for more than just plucking out unwanted hair ; they’re great for picking up too.

 Use them to grab things you’d normally use your fingers for, like cotton rounds and sheet masks.

5) Check Dates! Be sure to check the "best by date" on your products. Pay attention to the PAO (period after opening symbol).

It should look like a little open jar with a number of months in it, like 3, 6 or 12 months. This means after breaking the seal on your product, don’t keep it for longer than shown.


6) Caps UP!!!! When taking the cap off a jar, pot or spray bottle always place the cap faced up.

The inner part of the cap should face the sky when you place it down. This keeps debris from your surfaces out of your product when placed back on.

7) Sharing isn't always caring! You may be best friends who share clothes, cars and closet space, but cosmetics is a no-no.

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