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Mykin Beauty Reusable Eye Mask

Mykin Beauty Reusable Eye Mask

Mykin Beauty Reusable Eye Mask

Mykin Beauty Reusable Cold Gel Eye Mask

Reduce stress and rejuvenate with this cooling eye mask resembling refreshing Watermelon, Cucumber and Oranges. Treat puffy, tired eyes while you enjoy a lavish and calming spa like experience that can be had anywhere you are! 

Keep in the fridge in between uses so it stays cold. Do not freeze. Keep reusable pouch for safe storage.


I've never smelled anything as good as this body wash.

Koquette Box Subscriber

1 of my favorite thing is this body wash!! - Bonnie Francis Skin

Bonnie Francis Skin

My skin feels so soft after taking a bath and using the body wash. The bronzer drops I love! Could it come in a bigger size?


Love the packaging and the scent. I always enjoy shower time.


Thank you, the body wash is incredible! I do not recognize my own skin, it is beautiful and nourished. Even my neck area is smooth. The product made my skin silky. I am so pleased with the results. You have a winner here!


Everything is so beautiful. I am so impressed


I love it! Is it bad that I don't want to use the candles cause they're so pretty and smell too damn good? I promise I'll burn them, just bracing myself for the best smell ever!


I am loving the new claw clip in gold! I have been loving gold lately. Can't wait to put my hair up with it.

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